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We all struggle. Many times. Your are not alone!

Maybe you just need someone who can push you forward or give you a helping hand?

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How can I help you?

Imagine how improving your communication with your clients, partners or friends can change your life forever!
With more than 35 years of experience in media and communications I can help you do just that.
I will help you tell your story with video, photo images, audio or written word and captivate and persuade your audience.
I will also show you and your team how you can be better in your everyday communication.


“All About Communication” company

Everything from writing your sales copy to coaching you and your team how to communicate better in real life or online
(Zoom meetings and similar)


Professional quality and affordable
video & photo production company

We will make your brand stand out and your audience or clients understand your story.


“Everything audio” production company

From radio advertising production
to producing and launching your own podcast
to the most complex
Audio Experience Consulting for your brand

A little bit about myself

Why me?

I’m a hard working team player and I’m always success driven.
I’m honest and I will always tell you what I think.
I adore my family (my 2 little princesses), I love spending time in nature and I will never say no to good wine with the story.
Quitting is not in my vocabulary although I had to find out about that a couple of times unfortunately but that’s the part of the life growth academy, right?

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 ID.entiteta podcast (in Slovene)

My latest written thoughts (BLOG)

10 skills you have to learn asap

10 skills you have to learn asap

Interesting choice of 10 skills you have to learn as soon as possible. Let's take this advice from the people that has something to show so we can argue that they know what they are talking about, right? OK, so a list of 10 skills that are hard to learn but will pay...

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Commercial flights to space are ON

Commercial flights to space are ON

I don't know about you but I was always fascinated about space. I had an encyclopedia about space from an early age and I remember I was reading it, looking at the images and dreaming about how we will travel to space and distant planets once in the future. For years...

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The Power of: Just do it!

The Power of: Just do it!

I'll steal this one from Nike. It's definitely one of the best slogans ever created (but more on that some other time). There is definitely the power in starting the idea that comes to you as soon as possible and not overthinking. Just start doing it if you think the...

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