A New World in 2021 and beyond

by | Feb 17, 2021

The Whole World stopped in 2020 because of covid-19 virus. Did you have the opportunity to stop and think about what is happening? Are you sure you have the answers?

The damage in so many areas of our lives is huge. And I don’t mean the damage of not being able to travel for fun, although many of us miss that too.

I’m talking about so many businesses closing down or being challenged heavily, people loosing jobs because of this. My thought are also with so many families that broke last year because of this heavy situation. And I’m afraid that this is just the beginning of the snowball effect that will hit us hard this year.

The financial and personal crisis will be humongous. I believe those are two of the most affected areas and many businesses and people will struggle very hard to survive (financially and psychologically).

Of course I understand we have to protect everyone and it would be crazy to say that we should pretend that the virus doesn’t exist. But what really bothers me is that there are so many people on this planet that have much more important problems that this pandemic. Did you know that 1 in 3 people don’t have access to clean water? Can you imagine that? Did we stop our lives in any point in the history of mankind to change that and help those people?

I don’t want to change your opinion if you believe otherwise, if you believe that this lock downs all over the planet are a proper solution to this pandemic. If I’m honest I don’t know what to believe. I’ve been in the media business for far too long to believe whatever I’m being told.

Traditional media (radio, TV, press) have been used for propaganda so many times in the short history of mankind that it is hard not to believe that they are being used differently this time. There are so many things, facts, questions not being answered that it is obvious that there is some hidden agenda behind all of this.

Of course it is different all over the World and you might have a different experience or at least the communication from your local government is different and much more transparent than in Slovenia where I live but nevertheless… I don’t want to be judged by those who don’t believe in fake news, propaganda and I don’t want to jump on every idea that sounds like conspiracy theory but I can sense that there are many things that stink, that just don’t seem to be right. And there are definitely a lot of question that are left un-answered.

The problem of fake news and too many different information available to everyone

As much as I love Google search and the opportunity to have all information available to us in milliseconds I think the important observation in this situation is that nothing what we find is the truth. Or even better there are so many “truths” out there that whatever you can find on internet has no value. There is impossible to find “the truth”.

Surely enough most of the people believe what is closer to their opinions before they hit that search button. So there are people who believe the covid-19 virus escaped from the lab, or being used as a bio-weapon, others believe that this is “a product” of 5G mobile networks, others believe that a virus naturally jumped from a bat to a human and those are just three of the most possible or talked about possibilities but there are many more. So whenever someone searches for something in most cases they get even more deep in this rabbit hole.

And then there are also social media network algorithms that work in favour of this “finding our own truth”. Of course Facebook, Twitter and others want you to spend more and more time on their apps so they can sell you more advertising so what they show you is inside of your bubble.

They show you posts from the people you follow and what you already believe to strengthen your beliefs and to get you more proof of whatever you think is the truth. And so the information that is so generously available to us with a touch of a button or the screen is actually poisoning us in false beliefs. Most definitely if you decide to search for the truth the only things you will find is more and more questions, more doubt so you will only be more confused. So what do you do?

You decide to stop searching for “the truth”

You try to answer the questions you have a couple of times. You watch long Youtube videos explaining you what someone believes, you try to talk with different people over the phone, you watch more videos, you read posts from your “bubble” of friends on social media, you search for the answers, everything is questionable. One day is this and the next days is different. Whatever you find makes you just more confused, afraid and so you stop.

You decide to stop searching for “the truth”. You start to be numb to the outside world, you mind your own business, you try to survive. But all of this information overload and not being able to find the right answer just numbs you.

So you stop questioning, you stop fighting, you just wait and wait … And you wake up the next morning, put your mask on your face when approaching kindergarten, you even kiss your kids with your damn mask on (by mistake) and you continue. Waiting.

And you can’t stop wondering who the FUCK should we blame for all of this!?

Don’t you also want to know the right answer? Because some human was the first to have this virus, right? You might say that thinking about this will help no-one. Maybe this is true but my mind still wonders. And I tell my mind to stop doing that to me but the mind won’t listen. It wonders… it questions. It is in the fucking infinite loop!

Should we just wait to get vaccinated with many more questions about that “secret juice” they are going to put in our bodies? Do you know anything about this vaccines?

They say covid vaccines are safe. Who are they? Can you give me a persons name who said that? What can I do to this person if in a couple of years we find out that the vaccine that I got was actually not so safe?

Did you read anything about vaccines in general? Did you do any due diligence? Are you accepting a vaccine that someone (not knowing exactly who) said it’s safe and good for you? For how long after getting two doses of that particular vaccine are you not able to get infected by the virus? Oh, nobody knows?

But do you know that there are many, many, many, many proofs and so much literature proving that vaccines are causing cancer and many more problems?

And then you read more …

And you only have more questions.

Not an easy situation to be in.