After first week you should have some basic understanding about your podcast name, some positioning text (description), you should also have your listener persona defined and written down.

Let’s do some next steps this week to get you closer to your goal which is launching your podcast in 4 weeks from now!

Check more details below …


What are we going to cover in WEEK 2?


Week 2 is about setting up your podcast host account with some basic information that you are going to fine tune over the week. You need to create an account so you get familiar with the basic settings and user interface. So at the beginning of our Weekly Monday Call we will get “hands dirty” with setting up your account first.

 And than we are going to talk about 3 other important things so we can move you forward:

1. How to organise yourself to record first 3 episodes and how to properly plan for the first season (usually 12 episodes)

2. Writing a text for your trailer episode

3. How to write and record an intro part

That’s it. Simple but very useful and much needed things to prepare for the next actions in Week 3.



And here are the details for our first LPC Call.

Please make sure your webcam is on and that you are in a quit place. To get the most out of the call please also take care about possible distractions, so turn off notifications on your phone, lock your kids somewhere so that they are not able to distract you 😉 etc. Well, you get the point, right? 😉