I find it very strange that I never thought about the importance of mentors in one’s life. Until recently.

As a part of my 2018 relaunching myself plan I also want to find a couple of mentors in real life. A couple of people who I admire and trust and who will be able to help me in my change to becoming the best version of myself.

For now I’m revealing my “remote mentors” list. Those are the people that I consume content and learn from.


In the next months, I will try to explain why I follow below-mentioned people, what I like about them etc. For now this is only a simple list but I think if you are searching for your “mentors” to follow I guess also this list is something to start with. I guess you know most of the people on the list but if not then this list servers it’s purpose.

We are all different so, check them out and see if they have something to offer to you.

Gary Vaynerchuck

Jeff Bezos

Tom Bilyeu

Tim Ferris

Marie Forleo

Lewis Howes

Tony Robbins

Simon Sinek

James Clear

Seth Godin

James Altucher

James Lawrence

Chase Jarvis