LAUNCH A PODCAST (5 week Challenge)

Next Challenge starting on January 10th 2022


Let me help you launch your podcast

Have you always wanted to launch a podcast but you haven’t got a clue where to start? Do you want to start a podcast as a company?

I’ll hold your hand and teach you all you need to know to start a podcast!

From which microphone to use, how to structure your show, how to record and edit to how to choose topics, how to book guests (if you decide to do interviews), how to create successful episode art, where to host your audio etc.

*** As this is my first edition of 5 week challenge this will be THE ONLY time to get in for a crazy discounted price! FOR ONLY 47€ (normal price will be 197€) I will be with you for 5 weeks and at the end we will open champagne and celebrate as you will launch and have 1 to 3 episodes published! **

Details soon … (PM me if you can’t wait)

Why am I competent for this?
– 35+ years as a radio guy and a voiceover artist
– I host 3 podcasts (2 of my own)
– I consult a couple of podcasts on how to start, grow, become better, talent coaching …

Detailed information coming soon …