(I’M STILL WORKING ON THIS PLAN – Last Edit: 08/01/2018)

OK, I have a goal to become the best version of myself. This will require a big investment of time and energy to push me to become the best in all areas of life that I find important. I already understand that this goal will require a lot of commitment and a great plan. What’s in front of you is a working version of the plan that I’m sure it will be changed a lot in the progress. So if you are interested come back to this page to see how I’m doing 😉

The areas of improvement

I’m still searching for the specific areas that I will be improving but I’ve already got some ideas that I’m working on.

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY – move more (running, hiking, walking, yoga …)

PRODUCTIVITY – how to do more in less time, how to organize better, better focus, how to choose important things to work on

LEARNING – read more books to learn and watch more videos from my “remote mentors”

EATING HABITS – low carb, more fresh fruits and veggies, smoothies, eat more times per day, eat less per portion

SOCIAL – spend more time with family and friends, do more fun stuff, bring new people in

SPIRITUAL – mostly meditation and work on understanding and trusting myself

The detailed plan (1st draft)

MY MORNING ROUTINE – 90 minute morning ritual

– water
– take a brisk walk / run 30 mins
– shower 10 mins
– meditation 10 mins
– Thinkitate 10 mins
– —– 60mins —-
– read & breakfast 20 min
– plan for the day 10 min

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY – walk 10.000 steps every day, running 3 times per week, yoga 2 per week, hiking once a month

PRODUCTIVITY – working on improving my current system

LEARNING – read two books per month (24 books in 2018), watch videos of “remote mentors” regularly

EATING HABITS – low carb diet started, drinking more water, smaller portions, healthier food

SOCIAL – plan in the making but basically re-evaluating my network and reconnecting with some “lost” people that I like

SPIRITUAL – started to meditate daily as part of morning routine

This plan is the first draft and it will be always improving…