The Power of: Just do it!

by | Sep 17, 2021

I’ll steal this one from Nike. It’s definitely one of the best slogans ever created (but more on that some other time).

There is definitely the power in starting the idea that comes to you as soon as possible and not overthinking. Just start doing it if you think the idea is great, if you feel passionate about it and if you think it could work out.

We are blocking ourselves too many times with overthinking. With planning and trying to figure it out before we start doing it. But you never know whether the idea is good enough until you try. There are so many proofs around us in different areas of life where this strategy has proven to be successful.

Of course not every time. Not every idea will work and there will be many ideas that you will start and after a while you will find out that it is not what you thought at the beginning and that you don’t like it, you are not passionate enough and you will kill it. But allow yourself to start, to jump on, start small and then build upon. Slowly. Step by step.

If you like the idea you will find time. Maybe you need only 30 minutes a day to start testing it out. And I mean literally anything can be tested out. Maybe you have an idea for a Youtube channel, maybe for a new business, maybe you want to start running, reading, building something from wood … The most important thing is to find 30 minutes in your calendar and just start.

After a couple of days and weeks you will see where it takes you. Maybe you will start seeing the idea more clearly, maybe it will open up another idea, or the things you discovered in the meantime will take your initial idea in a totally different direction or iteration. Allow yourself to explore, make yourself a playground and test things out. Start building that sand castle now.

Maybe you will hit upon something great, maybe you will pull the plug and stop doing it but at least you tried. And I promise you, you will learn something new by doing it. Which in itself is worth starting something new.

Go! Start it today. Just do it 😉