The idea of this blog is to bring you as much value as I can. But this post is a bit more personal so you will be able to understand how I came to the idea of doing this one-year experiment / plan / relaunch or however you want to call it.

There are a couple of reasons why at the beginning of this year I decided to work on myself, to change for the best or to “relaunch myself” as I named this process.

To be honest with you I’m pretty satisfied in a lot of areas of my life but there are some areas that bothered me for a while. Being 46 I hope I still have a couple of nice years in front of me 😜 and I want to live the rest of my life as full as I can and to have as few regrets as I can when I will be signing off at the end of my mission on this planet (or in this life – depends on what you believe in (more on our beliefs some other time).

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Time for a change has come (about a divorce and starting a new life)

To better understand my motifs for this year’s plan please bear with me for a minute here. A couple of years ago (2011) I made a big leap in my life. After 10 years in a fulfilling relationship with my ex-wife, two dogs and zero kids I needed to move forward. Lenja and I were best friends, also working together on some projects but I felt we’ve lost all the passion in our relationship. I knew we both deserved better so we divorced.

Things turned fast. I quickly fell in love with Ana (we have a great time together now for more than 5 years and we have a wonderful 2 years old daughter Vita).

Vita is launching soon 😉 / Barcelona, 25.6.2015

But changing only personal life was not enough. I felt I needed to switch jobs so one year after my divorce I also left Radio Center where I worked for 8 years as a morning host with Polona Požgan. Looking back now it was a great gig. We had a great time but I had to move on. I was not motivated enough to stay.  Also, I strongly believed that the management at Radio Center made a couple of mistakes at the most crucial time which allowed our competitor to push faster and harder (more on this in About me).

Polona Požgan and Sašo Papp – morning show hosts

Fast forward a couple of years

Life with Ana is great. Of course, we also have issues sometimes like all couples do but I enjoy the relationship we’ve developed. Especially since Vita entered our lives I know I’ve made the right choice 🙂 If you have kids you know that everything changes. It’s quite tricky at times timewise but Vita gives us so much joy.

Vita’s Instagram Feed

What all of this has to do with my decision to change?

Well, a combination of thinking about what my passions are, where I am in my life, what I still want to accomplish in my business and also in my private life brought this idea to life.

It’s funny because I never planned this to happen. But a couple of days into the new year (2018) I felt that every thought and emotion + all of the knowledge that I already gained kind of cumulated and resulted in a voice in my head. I suddenly had this crazy idea:”I have to do it! I have to change!”. This resonated very deeply with me and I haven’t thought about it for long. I jumped and grabbed the idea and went with it.

The risk of starting something like that is absolutely minimal and only great things can come out of this “project”. And if I will be able to motivate a couple of people to follow and do the same then this will be a total success! Awesome!

A plan that somehow started last year already

I have to admit that the start of this journey of change started a bit earlier than this year. Sometime last year I started to consume more and more content from different people that I consider to be experts in their field(s). These people have now become my remote mentors that give me ideas, motivation, knowledge, strength, more self-confidence etc.

Also on this topic… I was always interested in optimisation and productivity but I never did any noticeable changes and progress in this field. Being my own boss I easily started to procrastinate instead of sticking with what I have planned the day before and what I had on my to-do list. But this time I decided to play it differently. I decided to change habits, improve my knowledge, build my self-confidence and find everlasting motivation. It is not going to be easy but hey, if it’s easy it’s not even worth doing it, right?

Please share some love
If you think you know someone who can benefit from my writing I would be very thankful if you could forward this. Or maybe share it on social media? Big thanks!

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